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Violence Against Women, Services Elgin County


On September 27th at Pinafore Park, 68 men walked and raised over $23,000 to end violence against women and children in our communities!  Your kind generosity has given hope in making our corner of the world safer.

Thank you to all!! 


On  May 21st 2015, Dr. Helena Jaczek  Minister  of  Community  and  Social  Services and  Deb  Matthews  Deputy  Premier  announced  their  governments’  investment  in  a  new  home  for  our  community’s  Emergency  Shelter  and  Community  Space. 

A total of $1,930,000!!  

The  announcement  was  made  to  a  packed  Princess  Ave  Playhouse,  with standing  room  only, and  full of  people  who  had  given  to and believed in what was  possible  together.  A  roar  went  up  when  the announcement  was  made.  Excitement.  Joy.  Gratitude.  Knowledge  of  why  It matters.   To women.  To children.  To our  community.

Together  we  will  build  it  and  celebrate  all  that  is  possible  within  it.  Thank  you  so  much!  



$1,100,000 was raised as a result of our community’s generosity and compassion.  Thank you!!!

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