How To Help Someone You Know

Remember to give clear messages:

  •   Abuse is never okay
  •   Safety of woman and children is most important
  •   She doesn’t cause it or deserve it
  •   She isn’t to blame for the abuse
  •   She is not crazy
  •   She is not stupid


  •   Do listen to her
  •   Do believe her
  •   Do encourage and support her to make her own decisions
  •   Let her know about services to help


  •   Don’t tell her what to do
  •   Don’t try to rescue her
  •   Don’t judge her
  •   Don’t tell her to go back or try harder or stay for the sake of the children
  •   Don’t show or express your frustration to her
  •   Don’t give up

The services available to help

  •   Help Line:  1.800.265.4305  24 hour, confidential, free
  •   911 if she is in immediate danger

Call the Help Line.
We can support you so you can help her and her children

1.800.265.4305 or 519.633.0155
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