How To Help


We would like to thank the Forever Legacy Foundation for their support.  It is truly appreciated.


You can help.  Your actions do make a difference.

You can support your friend, family member, colleague, and neighbour.

See how to help someone you know, give of your time, and give of your finances.


Abuse is done on purpose to try to control you, often with fear.
It can be emotional, physical, or sexual.
It can hurt on the inside or leave bruises on the outside.
It is meant to hurt you; to make you feel small and afraid.

Remember that love isn’t about control and fear.
If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Abuse happens in relationships, which means you know the person and often have trusted, loved or love them.

The relationship can be or has been one of intimacy (e.g., a current or former boyfriend, husband or same sex partner).

The relationship can be or has been one of dependence (e.g., a family member, caregiver, counsellor, minister, teacher, or doctor).

Abuse can happen to any woman.

If you or someone you know has been abused, help is close and available, confidential and free.

Just call.

1.800.265.4305 or 519.633.0155
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