Hiding Your Internet Tracks

Internet activity can be traced.

Your abuser can discover the sites you have visited.

There are some things you can do to hide your internet tracks.

First, consider only getting information when using another computer – at work, a friend’s house, or the library.

To hide your activities, the memory of the computer must be cleared.  The browser cache or history holds the list of most recent pages you’ve looked at.  You need to empty this cache and that will delete the list of recent sites.

Once cleared it helps to look at other sites like entertainment or news so your cache will still have some items listed.

To clear the history on Internet Explore, click 

  •   Tools, then Menu, and select Internet Options. 
  •   Choose general tab under Temporary Internet Files
  •   Click on Delete Files
  •   Under History Tab, click Clear History, then click OK.

If you don’t know what browser you’re using, click:

  •   Help menu, click on About, and enter Clear Internet History and Temporary Files.  It will give instructions for the computer program you are using.
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