Who We Are

We walk with women, girls, boys, and community partners.  

Women who have been abused, hurt, & harmed in relationships of dependency (e.g., by a caregiver, parent, family member, priest, coach, teacher)

Women who have been abused, hurt, & harmed in relationships of intimacy (e.g., boyfriend, husband, ex-partner, current relationship, same sex relationships).

Children of any age who are coming with their moms who have experienced abuse.

Individuals and families trying to help, seeking answers, needing support

Workplaces, schools, faith groups, service, and agencies partnering to support children, students, youth, & women who have been abused and/or are at risk for harm

All of Elgin County including St. Thomas, Aylmer, West Lorne and all points in between

All services are free – no cost and no wait time.

Help is immediate.

Help is close by in St. Thomas, Aylmer, & West Lorne

We offer:

24 hour Emergency Shelter centrally located in St. Thomas and accessible to the whole county 24/7 with no cost transportation to services.

24 hour Community Helpline with absolutely confidential and real time help over the phone for everyone.

Sexual Assault Counselling to help cope with the effects of sexual abuse that happened in childhood and/or as an adult.

Abuse Counselling to mange the hurt of abuse and plan for your safety.  You don’t need to leave to talk about it; may be living with person who abused you; may be apart; may be in process of moving toward safety.

Transitional Support to help find and keep a safe place to live and help manage the effects of abuse experienced.

Child Witness program to help children aged 4 to 18 – girls and boys – to identify and express their feelings about the hurt & fear experienced, know that abuse is not their fault, and learn how to keep safe.

Family Court Support to provide information and support throughout the family court process including court accompaniment.

Legal Consultation from lawyers on site for women who are considering or engaged in family court processes.

Prevention Through Education offering on-site school based prevention programs specifically developed for grades 5 to 12.  Also offering on-site customized training for workplaces about abuse, its effects, and how to help.

Professional Consultation Services for agencies and businesses seeking individualized and specific advice and solutions to address woman abuse in the work context.