Community Based Counselling

During COVID-19 you can callĀ our 24 Help Line at 519.633.0155

Any time – day or night.

If it’s not safe to call; you can come to 45 Princess Avenue St Thomas

We can help

We’ll let you know when in person appointments begin again.

Were you sexually abused as a child or an adult?

Does he constantly check up on you?

Do you need help getting a new place to live?

Do you need help dealing with harassment even though you don’t live together anymore?

There is someone to talk to.

You may have separated, you may be together – you don’t have to leave to talk about it.

Check out the Sexual Assault Counselling.

If you need help to find a safe place to live, get legal and financial information, plan for your safety, or get support to manage the hurt of abuse – we can help.

Check out Woman Abuse Counselling & Transitional Housing Support